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hiiii! im wondering what tweaks you use to customize control center? i have fancy, cccontrols, and cchide but i rly want to achieve the look your control center had in your screenshots of the mandolino theme. i especially want the toggle icons to look different. any help is appreciated! ☺️

I use cctoggles, ccloader and uniformity

I tried fancy once and hated it, uniformity is much more expansive and can modify colors and transparencies to a greater extent

cctoggles allows for alternate toggles, and themes can be made to theme those toggle icons, I recommend biscuitte beta by ughrone if you’re looking for an example

and ccloader allows for the movement of default row locations in the control center

I hope that helped!!

This will be my last iOS 7 setup, I need to accept my fate and upgrade. Apple has made security improvements for users with unauthorized software modifications and the jailbreak community is in essence, apples unofficial R&D department. I have no doubt there will be a swift jailbreak.

Odin by hodhr
SBHTML by caonima2yo

I made my girlfriend listen to deafheaven and wolves in the throne room and she made me listen to this play doh faced piano rock kid she listened to when she was younger and honestly the song was so bad I wanted to cry a little bit I’ve never been more offended by a sound in my whole life